Specialist lawn care

For most of us a garden is not complete without a lawn, however small. At Green & Lush we offer a professional range of services that will turn your grass into a lush, dark green, quality lawn.

Regular feeding programmes are complemented with full lawn renovations to produce that manicured look

Our programme begins with three applications per year of resin coated fertilizers to give a sustained NPK release resulting in a dark green and lush sward. Next is our twice yearly application of selective herbicides for the control of broad leaved weeds. We also, where necessary, apply an annual treatment of mossicide.

Added to this is our annual lawn renovation works which consist of scarifying to remove moss and dead leaf matter, and hollow coring to relieve surface compaction and as an aid to introducing sand into the soil. We can also top dress with a sand and/or a loam mix to leave a billiard table effect, smoothing out the lawn making it more resistant to wear and tear and to improve the overall quality of the sward.

And then we cut it! Once per week during the growing season and every 2 to 3 weeks when soil temperatures halt growth. We use mowers with rollers where appropriate to give that stripped look to the turf.

All of our chemicals and fertilisers are used by the best green keepers on the world’s top golf courses, so you can be assured of quality products that perform.

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