Hedge Care

At Green & Lush garden care we can take a hedge, no matter how tall, old or young and turn it into a smart, crisp, lush and healthy hedge. We combine tradition techniques used by master gardeners over generations with modern machinery to give a professional finish.

As a part of the service we also test the soil that the hedge is growing in for its nutrient levels. Quite often we find that the nutrients have been long used up and need replacement. We apply a programme of slow release, resin coated fertilizers that give a steady, measured release of nutrients to the hedge over the course of the growing season and continue with this yearly.

In addition we also take care of the below ground part of your plant. The hedge up above is only as vigorous and healthy as the roots in the soil. At Green & Lush garden care we apply soil conditioners that encourage healthy root growth making your plant less susceptible to diseases and drought.

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